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Since its inception in January,1990, the Amadeus Chamber Choir has established an enviable reputation in Malta, from where it originates. Its repertoire is very vast embracing, 16 th century polyphony as well as contemporary music. Its this versatility, together with the dynamism and dedication from both the choristers and their directors which has won the choir much acclaim both on the island and abroad. In September 1993 the choir left for their second concert tour. This time the destination was Germany where much appreciated performances were held in Adenau, Minden and Petershagen In September 1995, Amadeus Chamber Choir visited Scotland, giving concerts in Clarkston, Glasgow and Edinburgh. Two months later at the 7th International Choir Festival the choir won the silver trophy, tying for second place overall with the Russian Classica Mixed Choir. Never before had a Maltese Choir attained such an archievement in this prestigious festival. 1996 also gave Amadeus Chamber Choir the opprtunity to sing in a joint Concert with the German Saarpfalzicher Kammerchor, one of the most distinguished choir its region. 1997 proved to be another very eventful year for the Amadeus Chamber Choir. Besides the countless occasions when it was asked to sing (one of which was Thalassaemian Conference held to Malta and the Euro-Med- Conference, for which all European Heads of State were present - the same conference wherein Freddy Mercury togheter with Montserrat Caballe performed "Barcellona". Worthy of particolar mention is the relationship established between the Accademia Lirica del Mediterraneo (Director Mro Pietro Ballo) which culminated in an impressive and uplifting audio visual spectacle based on opera and the performance of Mozart's Requiem in Monreale Cathedral where Mro Brian Cefai directed the Choir along with the orchestra of Teatro Massimo.

(Bojna, Slovak Republic)

A church choir from the church of the All Saints in Bojna, Slovakia. The Choir originated in 2003 among a few musical and singing enthusiasts, but the very origin goes back to 1989. It has grown from the original 10 members to present 26. Since its foundation it has been directed by its School of Music graduate Peter Medek who has also been an organist and a teacher at the Primary School of Art in Bojna. The choir represents different musical genres and different musical eras. The majority of our repertoire is sung "a capella", however the choir represents also the so called guitar songs - the gospels. We use the fipple flutes for the instruments. Our choir regularly participates at the liturgical celebrations of our All Saints' parish church in Bojna. During its existence it has participated in many concerts in the nearby or far-distant vicinity. In 2010 it took part in the Advent and Christmas Music International Festival in Bratislava (Slovakia) where in its category won the bronze prize. The choir has recorded two Cds. The first one called In dulci jubilo recorded in 2004 and the second one called Alleluia recorded in 2011. Our choir yearly organizes a church choir show called Bojna Bells in our parish church.


The chamber chorus Ars Viva creative association Vivat Associations of cultural and business cooperation with Italy has been created in 1999 on a basis the man's and mixed choruses of creative association. From the moment of creation on present time the chorus conducts the vigorous activity, acting with concerts and participating in festivals in Russia, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, France, Macedonia, Czech Republic and Italy where in 2000 creative association Vivat, presented by chorus Ars Viva, became the winner of the international competition Music World in a nomination Sacred music. The chorus repertoire includes spiritual and secular music of the XV-XX centuries of Russia and the world countries, and also Russian, Ukrainian and Cossack songs. Man's and female groups of chorus have independent repertoire. Depending on the executed program, the chorus structure can be from 18 to 40 singers. Chorus concerts find the ready response at audience and pass with invariable success.The art director and the director of chorus is Valeriy Manin, the Chorus masters and conductors are Liudmila Eryutkina and Dmitry Shmelev.

CANTABILE CHOIR (Petach Tikva, Israel)

The Cantabile youth choir is an integral part of the Petach-Tikva Municipal Conservatory's School of Choral Singing. The choir, celebrating now its 25th anniversary, consists of forty students at the ages of 12 – 18. It is conducted by Shlomit Madar-Levi, who in 2005 replaced Eva Pitlik. The choir visited the stages of all the major centres of performing arts in Israel and performed on national radio and television programmes. It participated in a concert with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and had a series of concerts with the Israel Chamber Orchestra. In June 2012 the choir took part in the Israel Festival in Jerusalem. The Cantabile choir won the first prize and was awarded gold medals in international competitions in The Netherlands, Israel, Spain and most recently – in July 2009 – in Slovakia, where it won the first place in its category and was awarded two gold medals, one of them for the quality and uniformity of its singing. The choir was invited by international professional forums such as the International Society for Music Education (ISME) in South Africa and the prestigious Festival de les Choeurs Laureats in France. In July 2011 the Cantabile choir was invited to perform at the St. Olav Festival in Trondheim, Norway. The choir has published so far two compact discs Molto Cantabile and the End is Always a New Beginning and is in the midst of producing the third. Eli Alon is director of the Conservatory and the Music School.


CANTILENA CHOIR (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Youth Female Chamber Choir Cantilena has been working under the program Youth for Revival of Saint Petersburg for 17 years. The repertoire of the choir varies from Russian, European and world sacred music to folk music and jazz, composed both by masters of old and contemporary schools. Original songs are performed in 16 languages. Winner of several prestigious International and Russian choral festivals, in Arezzo (Italy), Prague (Czech Republic), Albena (Bulgaria), etc. the choir prides in its latest achievement the Golden Medal Award of the XII International Choral Competition Europe and Its Songs in Barcelona, Spain (2010). Cantilena is a devoted keeper of old Russian traditions of choral singing. The concert activity of the choir has been blessed by Mitropolit Vladimir of Saint Petersburg and Ladoga. The Art Director and the Conductor of Youth Chamber Choir Elena Petrova is a professional musician. She graduated at St.Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts (a class of well-known professor Stanislav F. Gribkov), and started her career first as an accompanist for the music-teachers training college n. 3 in St.Petersburg, continuing as a conductor of Music School n. 37 Children's Chorus for Arts School On Vasilevsky Island. Since 1993 Elena Petrova has been a devoted organizer, talented Art Director and Conductor of Youth Chamber Choir Cantilena. Elena Petrova has been highly appreciated and awarded for her professionalism. One of the most distinguished appraisals is a Silver Cross of Georgievsky League (St.George League) Symbol of Honour (2006).


Maria Struve Centre was established in 2011, based on the Children's Choir. Maria Struve - Honored Worker of Education of the Russian Federation, the hereditary musician, daughter of the composer, academician George Struve, and an outstanding figure of Russian choral Liana Bartenev in 1987 graduated from the Moscow State Conservatory in choral conducting in 1988. Maria Struve created a Children's Choir. The choir acted in the best concert halls in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Ukraine, Belarus, in many cities in Germany, Finland, Holland, South Africa. From 1995 to 2004 the students of the Children's Choir performed in productions of the Moscow Academic Music Theatre of Opera and Ballet Theatre Stanislavsky and Nemirovich - Danchenko. In 2011 in order to promote the choral singing and classical music, Maria Struve transformed Children's Choir into the Centre of Maria Struve, where everyone - children and adults - can learn singing and acting. In 2011 Choir Maria Struve performed twice in the Moscow theater New Opera in the project Tenor of the 21st century.In 2011 Vocal Ensemble of Maria Struve Centre won the international competition Melody summer -2011 and a diploma at the international competition Singing World in St. - Petersburg. The repertoire of Maria Struve Centre is different: vocal music, classical, folk and modern songs for children and adults. The purpose of the Centre of Maria Struve is to improve community aesthetics wave of beautiful voices.

INTERMEZZO (Ivanovo, Russia)

Vocal and instrumental ensemble Intermezzo was founded in 2006. it consists of the students of the choral department and the students of the department of string instruments of Ivanovo Musical College. Ensemble Intermezzo is a continuous participant of the concerts, that are held in the college, and often performs on different stages of Ivanovo region. The ensemble is conducted by Maria Aysina (choir) and Valentina Novikova (violin). In the repertoire of the ensemble there are masterpieces of russian and european classical music, modern and folk music. The Intermezzo ensemble is a multiple winner of different city and regional musical festivals. It also has very successful concert tours in Russia and often takes part in the performances of the Moscow theatre Russkaya opera. It`s the first time participation in an international festival.

BOY'S CHOIR ISKRA (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Elena Vorobyeva is the Artistic Director and Conductor of St. Petersburg Boy's Choir Iskra. The Choir was founded in 1994. The repertoire includes both Russian and European classics, contemporary choral pieces, Russian sacred music and folk songs. Choir has performed at the best concert halls of St. Petersburg, such as Big and Small Halls of the Philharmonic Society, Academic Cappella named by Glinka, Music Conservatory named by Rimsky-Korsakov, Smolny Cathedral, Isaac Cathedral; at Concert Hall named by Tchaikovsky in Moscow; at Estonian Concert Hall in Tallinn and at many other concert halls and cathedrals in Russia and abroad. Also St. Petersburg Boy's Choir Iskra has performed in Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, Italy, Slovakia, Latvia, Estonia, Hungary, Poland. Elena Vorobyeva is a graduate of St. Petersburg Music Conservatory by speciality Choir Conducting (1994). Elena Vorobyeva won 1st prize with her book Choral Studies at Children's Choral Studio at St. Petersburg Author's Contest. Alexander Filatov is Pianist-accompanist of the choir. He is a graduate of Leningrad Music Conservatory by speciality Fortepiano (1981). Boy's Choir Iskra had recorded two Cds.


The Cyril and Methodius Church Choir has persisted since the first Divine Liturgy at the church still under construction in 1994. Tatiana Goncharenko has been its chanter (choir-master) since then. The church singers (choristers) are students and graduates of the Ufa State Arts Academy named after Zagir Ismagilov. The choir is mainly engaged in church singing but it also performs concerts and participates in charily undertakings. It has become a tradition for it to take part in Easter and Christmas Festivities as well as festivals devoted to Slavic Writing System and Culture Days, Feodor Shaliapin Birthdays and other memorial cultural events in Russia. A wide range of spiritual music by Russian and west-european composers constitute the repertoire of the choir. It also acquaints its listeners with the best pieces of spiritual music by modern Russian composers. The choir enjoys great popularity with its audience, with the house being always full. In 2005 the choir under the leadership of Tatiana Goncharenko became a prize winner of the all-Russia youth music and arts festival-contest "we shall be saved by love and unity" devoted to the 60th anniversary of victory in World War II and 625th anniversary of victory in the Kulikov battle (Moscow). Its chorus artistic director Tatiana Goncharenko got a diploma of merit "for her contribution to youth moral and cultural development and her professional mastership". In 2007 the choir became Laureate of the international chorus festival-contest of cantor music Musica Sacra Praga (Prague, Czechia) winning the first prize. In 2011 the choir won Grand-prix at the all Russia festival-contest devoted to the memory of chantor music composer Michail Vinogradov.


The Kuang-Ching Chorus is a mixed group founded in 1980. Several disabled youngsters resided at the Kuang-Tsu Orphange, the counselors and some students for the first time has sung together. In addition to annual performances, KCC has performed at various cultural events and benevolent activities, and has won great admiration. Always seeking to enrich the choral art and encourage others through the music are the main goals. KCC started its first overseas performance at the Rotary Annual Convention1988 in Philadelphia, Unites States. From 1998, KCC had attended choral competitions in Japan, Beijing, and Xiamen. In 2000, KCC won the first gold medal in the 5th China International Chorus Contest, then in The World Choir Games 2006, Xiamen and The 21st Century International Choral Festival, Souchou, 2008 KCC got silver and gold medal awards respectively. Kuang-Ching Chorus love singing and sharing joy of life with friends from all over the world!

(Nilüfer – Bursa, Turkey)

Formed by graduates and students from different music schools within the body of Nilüfer Municipality, began its studies in September 2006 under the conductorship of Uludağ University Music Education Department Academician, Zeynep Göknur Yildiz. Its establisment aim is actulizing concerts contributing music art with an amateur soul, initially in Nilüfer County then in Bursa. Its repertory is formed by Turkish Composers and other country-period composers' works. From establishing till today, it has given concerts in inland (Bursa, Ankara, Antalya) and abroad (Bulgaria, Hungary, Russia, Macedonia) and has participated in Festivals. Nilüfer Polyphonic Choir, maintaining its studies with sacrifices of its members and big support of Nilüfer Municipality, purposes participating various activities in inland and in abroad such as Turkey Choirs Festival, Ankara, International Antalya Concert Festival, International May Choir Competition, Varna, Bulgaria, Ohrid Choir Festival , Macedonia, Singing World, St. Petersburg, Russia.

(Patras, Greece)

The Children's Choir was founded in 1983. It has participated in more than 200 concerts in Greece and abroad, taking place in choral meetings and in International Festivals. The Choir obtained many prizes in Greece and abroad such as Golden medals in the Hellenic competition of Choirs of Athens, International Choir Festival of Rhodes,International Choir and Lyric Soloists Festival of Athens, Silver medals in the European Competition of Young persons Neerpelt of Belgium, International competition of Choirs & Orchestras of Young people, Vienna, International Choir Festival of Nyiregyhaza, Hungary. It participated in the interpretation of ''Byzantine Oratorio, in Herodium, and also in the Ceremony of Beginning of Olympic Games 2004 in Athens. Choir's Conductor is Helen Papadopoulou. Pianist is Marina Mylona.

(Oviedo, Spagna)

White Voices of Nalón is a cultural project linked to the education and society. It was born in year 2009 in the Conservatory of Music «Manuel Fernández Rodríguez "Jaurés"», located in Nalon's Valley, Asturias. In addition to the cultural and social human values that choral activity involves, it provides to each component an integral technical training, formed by individual work of the own voice, body expression and coral group technique. Currently the project is formed by two different choirs, youth section and children section; and recently, by a chamber section. The youth section, named White Voices of the Conservatory "Nalon's Valley" is composed by 28 feminine voices aged between 16 and 23 years old. Nowadays, it is considered one of the choirs in Spain with greatest choral growth; being laureate in every competition it has taken part, with national and international relevance. In their work, they lead to coral field any musical genre, from the most classic polyphony, to the very actual pop and rock versions. Their shows are characterized by the freshness and the visual dynamism that the choreographies accompanying their songs transmit, as well as the high musical depth that the most classical pieces required. Their conductor; Oscar Allen. Prizes Youth section XV Youth International Contest of 'Habaneras 'from Torrevieja, 2009, Second prize. XL Youth Contest 'Ejea de los Caballeros'", 2010, Second Prize. LX Youth European Music festival of Neerpelt, Belgium, 2012, First Prize "Cum Laude Children Section XII Antigua Abesbatzak Lehiaketa", Zumárraga, 2010, Finalists. XVII Youth International Contest of 'Habaneras' from Torrevieja, 2011, Second Prize. XIX Youth International Contest of 'Habaneras' from Torrevieja, 2013, Second Prize.

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