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Ambitus Choir
Athens, Greece

Ambitus Choir was formed in the summer of 2002 and is a founding member of the Hellenic Choirs Association. It is comprised of Lycée Léonin Nea Smirni alumni and other lovers of choral music, professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its primary goal is to study and perform varied musical styles, ranging from classical to contemporary music. The choir has participated and excelled in many national and international competitions as a mixed, all-female and all-male ensemble, earning gold medals, Grand Prix, and special awards. Ambitus' repertory has an extensive scope, ranging from the preclassical to the western classical and modern choral domain, Greek as well as international.

Ascendit Chamber Choir
Puerto Rico

Founded in 2009, Ascendit Chamber Choir is a puertorrican music ensemble that has dedicated, primarily, to the interpretation of choral music from the Renaissance. Ascendit was created thanks to a group of puertorrican musicians united by the profound desire to develop a new musical endeavor. In July 2012, Ascendit participated in the XV International Choral Kathaumixw at British Columbia, Canada, during its first international artistic tour. At this event, Ascendit won the first prizes in both the Chamber Choir and Mixed Choir categories, earning high reviews from the audience and the judges.

Beijing Rainbow Art
Beijing, China

Beijing Rainbow Art Performance Troupe was founded in the October 1994,is a well-known children's art group, one of the most important chinese choirs. The choir performed also in the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Won the gold award in the 2004 in Bremen,Germany, Olympic Choral Festival,The special award in the first China Children's Art Festival,The silver medal in the third Chinese Children's Music TV Competition

Belarusian Folk Instruments
Lida, Belarus

The Belarusian folk instruments orchestra of Lida music college was founded in 1984. The orchestra wholly consists of the musical college students. Initially the orchestra was represented solely by dulcimer, which is a Belarusian national instrument. Today such instruments as bayan, wind section and drums are used in the orchestra along with dulcimer. Our orchestra performs in Belarus and other countries. 

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Chamber Choir "Cantus" was formed in 1989 in the Children School of Arts named after G.V. Sviridov. Graduates from all the school departments were singing in it. After the Choral Department was opened in the school, all the students were able to join the Chamber Choir after finishing their musical education. Being students at Colleges and Universities, young people still kept on doing their labour of love combining it with concerts, contests and festivals. The choir participants are aged between 15 and 26. On the programme of the choir there is russian and foreign classical music, church music and folk songs.

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Mixed Choir "FORTIS" from Saint-Petersburg was formed in 2008. The choir consist of 30 voices.
The repertoire of the choir "FORTIS" contains musical pieces of different epochs and styles: ancient chants and early liturgical polyphony, finest examples of Russian orthodox choral music, contemporary choral music and variety of folksongs.

The HBC Children's Choir
Sapporo, Japan

The HBC Children's Choir, which was organized and has been managed by Hokkaido Broadcasting Co.Ltd was founded in 1957 with the aim of creating an outstanding vocal ensemble to serve the growth of cultural appeal in Hokkaido or Northern Island of Japan. Since 1965, they became a full-fledged choir with newly admitted members and made appearance on radio and TV programs, and now their long history and standards of musical excellence has been admired in Japanese choir music scene. 120 singers from nine years old to eighteen years old are enjoying the activity and their 46th annual concert was held in November 2012.

Kwazulu Natal Youth Choir
Durban, South Africa

The KwaZulu-Natal Youth choir was founded by the Inspector of Music, Mr Hein de Villiers in the KwaZulu-Natal province in 1968.Gerard'd du Toit has been the Artistic Director of the KZN Youth Choir since August 1996. The KZN Youth Choir has participated successfully in International Choir Competitions since 1982 such as the International Folklore Festival in Sardinia in 1982 and the 27th International Jugend und Musik in Wien in 1998. The choir specialises in music covering Gregorian and Byzantine chant, from the 16th century and up to the 21st century. The choir works closely with the South African composers Hendrik Hofmeyer and Enrico Gerber and premiered their works at International Choir Competitions.

Lilla Kören
Stockholm, Sweden

was founded in 2005 by the initiative of their conductor Pelle Olofson. He found his singers among his graduating students at The Choir School of Adolf Fredrik, Stockholm where he worked and still works as a music teacher and conductor. Today some of the original singers are still in the choir, but also new blood has joined the happy fellowship. There is a great sense of community shared among the singers, deriving from the shared background and music tradition at the school.

Corale Margherita di Castelvì
Sassari, Italia

was founded in January 2010 by Prof. Vincenzo Cossu from an idea of Prof. Mariella Masoni and D.S. of High School "Margherita di Castelvì", Prof. Cristiana Piazza. Is currently the only high school student's choir of northern Sardinia. Specialized in the vocal pop and world music, the choir has got about 50 concerts, including television, taught in the most prestigious areas of cities like Sassari, Alghero, Castelsardo, Porto Torres, Montecatini, Empoli, Viareggio and Turin. The choir has also to his credit 4 consecutive participations to the Spring Festival of Feniarco. In 2012 he was the only student choir of Sardinia to participate in Europa Cantat Torino 2012.

Marmara University Polyphonic Choir
Istanbul, Turkey

Marmara University Ataturk Faculty of Education Department of Art Education Music Education, class choirs and elective choirs choristers improve their abilites by giving concerts and by doing this, they contribute some schools and institutions development. Repertoire: Educational music, marching music, folk-song, original songs, some examples from world choir literature and the repertoire is presented in the concerts which are given lots of different areas such as departmant and university concerts, national and international organisations and so forth. Choirs are currently directed by Bülent Halvaşi

Nova Euphonia
Sassari, Italy 

born in September of 2010 from an idea of its Director, Vincenzo Cossu, which brings together a group of singing students and vocalists from various musical experiences, carried out between 2005 and 2010. The Ensemble makes its debut with a singing masterclass on behalf of the Cultural Association "Augusto Mordenti". Between December of 2010 and May of 2011 they performed in numerous concerts in major areas of the territory like the Teatro Verdi and Palazzo di Città di Sassari, highlighting the specific vocation of the vocal group: music from the movies. The Vocal Ensemble crowned its first year of activity with a record: in June 2011 they participates in the XIV International Prize "Pietro Argento" of Gioia del Colle, receiving the 1st prize.

Odessa, Ukraine

Youth female choir Oriana is amateur choir, which exists since 2008. Choir activity realizes with support of the Ukrainian Cultural Centre (Odessa, Ukraine). Folklore program, classical choral works, sacred music are in the choir repertoire. The choir mission is revival and maintenance of the rich Ukrainian traditions of choral singing. Youth female choir ORIANA has organized more than 50 performances since its foundation.

Genk, Belgium

The youth choir Lirica from Belgium was founded in 1972. Its primary aim was to sing the weekly mass in de parish church of Bret in Genk and it continues to attend two church services a month as well as singing at weddings, funerals and celebrations. Under the direction of its present conductor, Jos Venken, the choir has developed into a highly appreciated concert choir obtaining prestigious prizes such as the first prize summa cum laude in The European Music Festival for Young people in Neerpelt. The choir has performed twice in the Royal Palace in Brussels, has toured most European countries and also visited Japan. 

Sofia, Bulgaria 

Robev choir was founded in Sofia in 2004. Hand in hand with well-known sacred and secular masterpieces, the choir's diverse repertoire includes Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church songs and the new style of performing the unique Bulgarian folk songs. Additionally, Robev Choir advances creativity in the choral community by performing innovative works of Bulgarian contemporary composers. Robev choir's singers come from a country where the singing tradition is dating from 10th century in the churches and has outstanding folklore traditions.

Saint Angela Choir
Bandung, Indonesia

Since 2004, Saint Angela Choir under the baton of Roni Sugiarto has been a place for students of Saint Angela school in Bandung for having experiences in a choir. Some international achievements that have been gained are; in 2009, champion of children choir category in Orientale Concentus choir competition in Hangzhou, in 2010, received 2 champion of category awards (children and youth equal category) in the 1st international ITB choir competition Bandung, and in 2011 they were invited to the 25th Kodomo Chorus Festival in Tokyo.

Tartu Youth Choir
Tartu, Estonia 

Tartu Youth Choir was founded in 1983. It consists of high school and university students at the ages of 16-25. The choir has performed in many places of Estonia and in several foreign countries and has taken part in many international choir competitions. Recent years' results include the 1st place at Warsaw Choir Festival 2007, 1st place at Venezia in Musica 2008, 1st place at 3rd International Youth Music Festival in Bratislava 2011 and 1st place without obligatory program and 2nd place with obligatory program at the international choir festival Cantate Domino in Kaunas 2012.

Tukums, Latvia

The teachers' choir "Vanema" of Tukums district started its activities in 1977. The artistic manager and chief conductor of the choir - Jānis Ozols, conductor - Tālivaldis Gulbis. Here are 35 singers in the choir. In 2009 participated in the 3th International Choir Festival "Slovakia Cantat" (Bratislava) and received gold diploma in category folksong a capella and silver diploma in category adult choirs-mixed. In 2011 participated in the 3nd European Festival of Teachers' Choirs in Ostrów Wielkopolski ( Poland) and received first prize. 

Yiphone Ladies Chorus
Hsinchu, Taiwan

In July 2003, Miss Lee decided to devote herself entirely to elevating the chorus in Hsinchu, her hometown. As a result, Yi-Phone Ladies Chorus has become the ultimate destination of Yi-Phone kids. The chorus consists of music teachers, in-school alumnae, and people who love music. By practicing regularly, they study correct ways of giving off sounds and through academic lectures, they broaden their expertise in chorus. They aim to achieve their long-term objective of participating in international chorus contests and events. 

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