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The Bialystok Technical University Choir

The Bialystok Technical University Choir was founded in 1977 as a male group. In 1983 team was additionally joined by female voices. Since December 1997 the choir has been conducted by Wioletta Milkowska. In thirty six years activity the choir gave many performances in Poland and other countries. It also made some radio recordings, has gained distinctions and was awarded at several festivals and competitions. Among them they won 1th prize in Festival Internacional de Música de Cantonigròs, 2005; 1th prize in XIII The International Choral Music Festival, Cantio Lodziensis 2010; 1th prize in XI The Feliks Nowowiejski International Choral Music Festival, 2012; 2nd prize in Ohrid Choir Festival 2013. 

The Academic Choir of Far Eastern Federal University

The Academic  choir of Far Eastern Federal University  was  founded in 1999  on the basis  of  Oriental Institute of Far Eastern Technical University. The choir  consists of many students who study technics, liberal  arts, natural sciences etc. Part of them doesn't even have musical education, but have passion and talent  for music. The choir has become able enough to perform the most difficult  choral compositions.


 "Cvrčak" (Cicada, the symbol of song) was founded in 2010 by the initiative of their conductor Dalija Gavranić who formed them from three a cappella music groups.
Is a choir specialized in Croatian music from the beautiful island of Korčula in Dalmatia and is composed of Blato High School students aged between 12 and 18. 
The repertoire of the choir contains a variety of folksongs and classical music. They performed successfully in many musical events on the above mentioned island and has been awarded with the silver medal three times in the oldest choir competition in the baroque city of Varaždin.


Iriga City Singing Ambassadors

The Iriga City Singing Ambassadors (ICSA) is the official Choral group of the Local Government Unit of Iriga City. It was founded in June 2012, through the effort of the in time Honorable City Mayor Madelaine Alfelor-Gazmen with the internationally acclaimed Choral Director, Mr. Cris Caryl B. Yu.
The Choir consist of students and young professional with an intimate understanding of choral music. Aside from their official functions in the city, other activities includes regular rehearsals, workshops and a series of concerts and performances which they performed a variety of repertoire in different styles. They were also invited to perform in many musical events in and out of the city. 


Ensemble Pirka

Ensemble Pirka was established in summer 2002 by ex-members of Nishinomiya Boys & Girls Choir who left at the age of 18. It consists of less than 20 members whose age range from 20 to 60. The Ensemble has been working closely with Mr. Satoru Nakanishi, who is the same conductor of Nishinomiya Boys & Girls Choir. They participate in the regular concerts of Nishinomiya Boys & Girls Choir as a back-up choir every year. They also participate in chorus competitions held regionally. They celebrated their 10th anniversary concert in January in 2013.

Nishinomiya Boys & Girls Choir

Since the establishement in Nishinomiya City (near Osaka) in 1961, they have been active to participate in various concerts and choir festivals on their home ground and beyond including All Japan National Children's Choir Festival in Tokyo. The choir consist of 190 singers whose age ranges between 9 to 17. They have been eager to act as host to choirs from abroad in their hometown, Nishinomiya.

Pacific Lutheran Choral Union

The Pacific Lutheran Choral Union is conducted by Richard Nance, but it was originally founded In 1984 by Richard Sparks. He established the PLU Choral Union in order to create an ensemble for the university that would bring together singers from the surrounding community, faculty and staff, alumni and students. Since that time the choir has grown to a full membership of approximately 60‐70 singers, with a touring choir of approximately 40 singers, and has established a reputation as one of the finest community choruses in the United States. 

Coro Feminino do Conservatorio do Vale do Sousa

The Youth Female Choir of Conservatório do Vale do Sousa da Associação de Cultura Musical de Lousada, was founded in the year 2007. Actually this choir has 24 elements and it is a result from a selection of the various classes of choirs that exists in the Conservatory. It already made several auditions and concerts around Portugal. The most important participations were: International Choirs Festival in Albufeira (Algarve),"10èmes Rencontres Internationales de Choeurs d'Enfants" – France and Cantonigrós International Choir Festival. From the repertoire that the choir usually presents we can highlight the Fauré's requiem and Carmina Burana of Carl Orff.

Xinghai Conservatory of Music Victoria Choir

The chorus "Victoria" has founded in 2008 by the Associate Professor, choirmaster Viktoriya Vakulishyna in Xinghai Conservatory of Music (Guangzhou, China). The chorus is inherently unique, since unites cultures of the East and the West. The student choir took part in different international actions (competitions, festivals, concert). In July 2012 Victoria Show Choir was Winner in the Category "Pop Choir" in the World Choir Games (USA, Cincinnati) and was awarded with Gold Diploma. 
In November 2012 the Pop Choir was honored Platinum Diploma in Xinghai Prize International Choir Competition and in December 2012 took part in Shenzhen Fringe Festival.  


Vocabella is a vocal group of 6 women, singing together from 2009. Coming from southern Slovenia, they sing gospel, pop and country music, but also like to take on Slovenian folk songs and jazz a-capella compositions. Their artistic director is Petra Likar. In their short history, the group has performed many notable events. In 2010 they prepared their first big project, called Vocabella's world. Accompanied by an eight-member band, they performed gospel and pop songs. In 2011 they won the gospel festival Rhythm of the spirit in Slovenia with their first own song called Spread the love. That year they also attended the Slovakia Cantat international festival in Bratislava, where they won the golden prize in the category of vocal groups.

Asia-Pacific Experimental School of Beijing Normal University

Asia-Pacific Experimental School of Beijing Normal University Choir was founded in 1995. In 2011, it was awarded the "Golden Sail Choir" honorary title by Beijing Municipal Education. The chorus has been to Hungary, Germany, Singapore and many other countries to participate in performances, communication and competitions. The chorus has the purpose of of spreading Chinese culture and transmit love by singing. They have won the first prize in many choir competitions and art festivals in Beijing.

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