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Andong Boys & Girls Choir
(Andong, Corea del Sud)

The Andong Boys and Girls Choir is the premier singing ensemble for Boys and Girls ages 7 through 14. Founded in 2011 by musical director/conductor Kiwon Kwon, has been extolled by the Andong community as "imaginative, accessible, expressive, and entertaining", gaining a reputation for delivering compelling concert programming. Moreover, the choir was awarded with silver prize at World Choir Games in 2014. The Andong Boys and Girls Choir has grown to include boys and girls in three levels of vocal experience and ability. All choirs are both training and performing units. The music program is based on progressive vocal music instruction and performance readiness. Classical music literature forms the foundation for choir instruction. Repertoire includes contemporary, folk, ethnic, sacred, and secular music.

(Petach-Tikva, Israele)

Cantabile, the representative choir of the Petach Tikva Municipal Conservatory is among the leading youth choirs in Israel. The choir, which recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, consists of 40 students between the ages of 12 – 18. It is conducted by Mrs. Shlomit Madar Levi. Over the years, Cantabile has taken part in many international choral events and won first prizes and international recognition at competitions in the Netherlands, Israel, Spain, Slovakia (where it won the first place in its category and was awarded two gold medals, one of them for the quality and uniformity of its singing), Florence International Choir Festival (First Place and Gold Diploma), St. Olav Festival in Trondheim, Norway; and has been invited by international professional forums such as the International Society for Music Education (ISME) in South Africa and the prestigious "Festival de les Choeurs Laureats" in France. One of the choir's main goals is to expose Israeli society – the younger generations in particular – to the unique culture of choral music. The choir has released three compact disks – Molto Cantabile , the End is Always a New Beginning, and Open us the Gate (of Mercy).

Ensemble Mimosa
(Sendai, Giappone)

Founded in 1992, Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Northeastern Japan, Ensemble Mimosa is a female choir comprising 20 experienced singers. In Florence International Choir Festival, 6 members of them are participating. Their repertoire includes European sacred songs, Japanese nursery songs, Japanese and foreign pops, and the theme songs for the animated cartoons produced by Studio Ghibli, which is made world-famous by Mr Hayao Miyazaki, a film director, animator, and cartoonist. Since the foundation, they have held concerts at various venues, including welfare facilities, nursing homes, and schools for mainly charity purposes. They have participated in music festivals abroad for over ten times and found them invaluable opportunities of sharing joy of singing with international counterparts. They have held annual concert, and this year they will hold the 23rd one. Besides, they have held other concerts over 40 times on. They look forward to having a new experience during the festival in Florence.  

Guangzhou Children's Palace Choir
(Guangzhou, Cina)

Guangzhou Children's Palace Choir was founded in 1954. The first Children's Palace Choir in China. Recently they started to perform on the international stage. From an amateur choir, the chorus grew to lead the performance style of the first top teams. Each step of Guangzhou Children's Palace Choir was condensed with the widsom and sweat of the teachers and the students. Since late 1990s, Guangzhou Children's Choir has entered a rapid development period. In the innovation driven by top condutors, the Choir gradually formed a style characteristics which is "pure and bright sound qualities, harmony and full harmonies, lively and varied performances, accurate and profound musical expressions. In recent years, the Chorus has cooperated with many song writers to create some original works such as "The Legend of Guangzhou", "The Amazing Dream", "Jia Na Ma Ni", "Impossible Birds". Guangzhou Children's Palace Choir repeatedly exposes edge of the world's top six choral competitions. In the 2011 an International Choral Competition held in Spain, Guangzhou Children's Palace Choir beaten 19 other world chorus teams. In 2013, the Choir was invited to Russia, St Petersburg to attend the 11th "Singing World" International Choral Festival. From the decade between 2004 and now, the Choir won a number of world-class gold medals, Best Presentation Award and Special Award. The Choir has been repeatedly invited to participate in the International Choral Festivals in North America, Europe, Asia.

ITB - Institut Teknologi Bandung Student Choir
(Bandung, Indonesia)

Founded in February 11th, 1962, ITB Student Choir is the oldest university choir in Indonesia. They perform annual concert, the last one was "Bon Voyage" at April 2016. We have a project titled ITB Cultural Tour, where they join choir competitions and concerts abroad to introduce Indonesian culture to the world. The last tour was at 2014, where they won three gold medal (Adult Mixed Choir, Adult Female Choir, and Folklore), Grand Prix, and Special Award for Interesting Choreography in Bratislava Cantat I, Slovakia. They also conduct biennial national choir competition titled Festival Paduan Suara (FPS) ITB, and also international choir competition, titled ITB International Choir Competition (IICC). FPS ITB has been held 23 times and it has been very successful in improving many choirs in Indonesia. ITB Student Choir is directed by Adi Nugroho, who is also known as Didut. He acquired vocal direction from Avip Priatna, Ivan Yohan, Dorcas Soenaryo, and Joseph Kristianto in Parahyangan Catholic University. He followed master class by Bernadetta M. Astari and Dr. Rob Vermeulen. He also had short conducting course in Utrecht, Netherlands.

Jerusalem Cantors Choir
(Gerusalemme, Israele)

The Jerusalem Cantors Choir was established in 1972 by a select group of students of the late Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Rivlin of Blessed Memory. Rabbi Rivlin was the founder of the "Shirat Yisrael" Musical Institute. The first conductor of the choir for many years was Binyamin Glickman. The choir wishes to both preserve and modernize the music of our ancient prayers and songs. The repertoire includes Cantorial, liturgical, Yiddish, Chassidic and Israeli works. The 32 members of the choir are all Cantors and Prayer Leaders - Tenors (first & second), Baritones and Bass singers, who view their involvement with the choir as a service for the public good. Members of the choir come from all walks of life. Among the members are attorneys, bankers, media personalities, educators, doctors and retirees. The Choir often performs Shabbath prayers and public events at religious Kibbutzim as well as other locations throughout Israel. The choir has appeared on Israel Television as well as various radio stations. The choir has gone on various international tours. Their latest tours have included trips to the United States, Canada, France, England and Germany, among others .Last year the Choir was invited to the Jewish "Singer" festival in Warsaw, and performed a concert in Budapest. The choir is based in Jerusalem, Israel. The musical director and conductor of our choir is Paul Salter. The members of our choir are residents of Jerusalem and its environs. The CEO is Yair Plesser, and the pianist is Mrs. Rita Feldman- Gelfman. The Choir has an internet site at:

Little Skylark Children's Choir Guangzhou
(Guangzhou, Cina)

The Little Skylark Choir of Guangzhou Yuexiu Children's Palace was ranked as Chinese top ten best children choir in 2007 and was awarded the title of Best Children Choir Demonstration Base of Guangzhou city by the Guangzhou Choir Association in 2014. The choir was founded in 1981. After 35 years of practice and research, it uses modern music teaching concepts and methods to develop the comprehensive music qualities of the members. What's more, the choir also establishes pyramidal choir class teaching mode to form five levels of curriculum standards in children's choir training. The choir performs music very exquisitely and delicately with beautiful and smooth sound, harmonious choir and broad range. In addition to its special charm performances of Chinese and foreign works, the classical and art songs it sings with great panache are in accordance with the standards and full of artistic appeal. Since its foundation, the Little Skylark Children's Choir has won wide recognition and a great many awards in USA, Spain, Latvia, France. Major performances with Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra, Shanghai Opera and Dance Drama Theatre Choir, at Guangzhou Asian Games, Puccini's Tosca with Rome Opera Orchestra and Shanghai Opera and Dance Drama Theatre Choir, under the famous conductor Daniel Oren. In 2012, "The Myth of China" with China Opera, Dance Drama Theatre and Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra.

Mixed Choir "Sēja"
(Sēja, Lettonia)

Mixed choir "Sēja" of Sēja regional community in Latvia was re-established in 2003. Kaspars Ādamsons became the choir's artistic director and is now working together with conductor Ārijs Ādamsons and vocal coach Saiva Treide. "Sēja" is a community choir uniting 40 singers of different ages, eager to devote their free time to music and singing together. Mixed choir "Sēja" is proud of the Latvian singing tradition and the wide variety of Latvian music, therefore always includes both Latvian folk arrangements and original choir music in its programmes. It gives several concerts during the choir season, making performances both in community centres, schools, churches and on various festive events. "Sēja" strives to master its singing skills by taking part in both local and foreign choir competitions. The choir's latest achievements include two golden diplomas at the International Choir competition "Praga Cantat 2014", with the choir becoming the second place winners at the mixed choir category and third place winners at the folk music category. Furthermore, the choir was presented a special award for the performance of folksong "Līgo". The choir's artistic director Kaspars Ādamsons was acknowledged the best conductor of the competition.

Nilufer Polyphonic Choir
(Bursa, Turchia)

Nilüfer Polyphonic Choir was established in 2006 within the body of Nilüfer Municipality. Since then, Zeynep Göknur Yildiz is the conductor of the choir. The choir has a wide repertory ranging from Renaissance to contemporary music and one of the main aims of the choir is to introduce pieces of Turkish composers to international musical platform. The choir participated in various national and international Festivals in Turkey and abroad: Vezsprem City Choir Award in 2008, in 2008 Vivace International Choir Festival (Vezsprem- Hungary), Mixed Category Award in II. International Antalya Concert Festival 2010, Mixed Category Third Prize in The Singing World 2010 (St Petersburg- Russia), Mixed Category Second Prize in 2011 in Ohrid Choir Festival, Folk Category First Prize, Mixed Category Second Prize and Best Folk Costume Prize in 2012 in Florence International Choir Festival, Mixed Category Second Prize and Folk Category Second Prize in 2013 in 1st Europe Choir Games (Graz- Austria), Mixed and Folk Category Golden Medal in 2014 Canta Al Mar Festival (Calella-Spain), Mixed and Folk Category Golden Medal in 2015 in 2nd European Choir Games (Magdeburg, Germany). The conductor was awarded of Special Chief Award in 2007 in International May Choir Competition (Varna- Bulgaria), Best Chief Award in 2010 in II. International Antalya Concert Festival, Best Conductor prize in 2012 in Florence International Choir Festival (Florence- Italy) and in 2014 in Canta al Mar Festival (Calella-Spain).  

Saint Joan Rilsky
(Dupnitsa, Bulgaria)

Male Choir of St. Ivan Rilsky is authentic progenitor of male choral singing, which marked the beginning of a musical Dupnitsa in 1894. Since 1965 when it re-creates the male choir "Marek", his successor is now male choir "St. Ivan Rilsky". First conductor Hristo Kolarov. After him the male choir is taken by the talented conductor Krum Maximov, who led the choir to the peaks of choral art. The choir won three gold and one silver medal and received the title "Representative". Regularly participates in festivals in Bulgaria and abroad (Macedonia, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, Latvia, etc.) Since 2011 conductor of the choir is Tanya Kamburova. She is a student of class in choral conducting Professor Krum Maximov . In 2014 win first place at the International Choir Festival "Maestro Mednikarov" in the town of Albena. This year the choir celebrated its 50th anniversary with a gala concert. Also participating in the popular Bulgarian transmission and was selected along with five composition. In 2012 the choir participated in the International Festival of Orthodox Music , Pomorie. In 2013 he participated in the International Choral Festival , Ohrid, Macedonia. Of the two festival received awards and diplomas.

The TLV Beit Halochem Choir
(Tel Aviv, Israele)

The Beit Halochem Tel-Aviv's Singing Troupe has been working together for over 30 years. It is composed of 39 singers, men and women, amongst them Zahal Disabled Veterans with various degrees of disability, including some severely disabled in wheelchairs. They meet regularly once a week for 2 hour sessions and before performances they add several rehearsals. Their music director is Ilan Gilboa, one of the best conductors and directors of choirs and singing troupes in Israel (who also serves as the music director of the famous "Gevatron" Troupe). This year, Gilboa will be working on a new repertoire, with an emphasis on saluting songwriters of the Israeli Song Repertoire, stressing the importance of "Live Singing" (as opposed to recorded, playback versions) accompanied by the piano or other instrumentalists. At rehearsals, great emphasis is placed on vocal quality and harmony, teaching multi-vocal singing routines, working with rhythm and the art of stage performance. Gilboa wishes to show the multitude of tones and colors prevalent in Israeli Folksongs. The Singing Troupe represents the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization in many festivals and official ceremonies. Participating in the Singing Troupe contributes greatly to the building of the singers' self-confidence, enhancing their self-esteem, allowing them to accept who they are despite their physical limitations. Being a part of a greater group hastens their reintegration into society after their long isolation in recovery and gives them a sense of normalcy and belonging.

The Winnipeg Singers
(Winnipeg, Canada)

Winnipeg's premier choir, has long been regarded as one of Canada's finest choral ensembles. The Winnipeg Singers consists of 24 trained voices, performing music that spans the times from the Renaissance to the present. Each year the choir commissions new Canadian works and premieres other new works for its Manitoba audiences. It presents an annual concert series, engaging some of North America's finest musicians as guests.The Winnipeg Singers have performed joint concerts with such diverse organizations as Musik Barock Ensemble,Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers and Les Danseurs de la Riviêre Rouge. The Singers regularly appear as guests of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, and have given concerts and workshops for local social agencies, business firms and high schools. The Winnipeg Singers can trace its origins to a choir begun in 1940 by composer and voice teacher W. H. Anderson for radio broadcast on the CBC. Past artistic directors of The Winnipeg Singers include Bill Baerg, John Martens, Wayne Riddell, Mel Braun, Vic Pankratz and Rudy Schellenberg. The current Artistic Director, Yuri Klaz, began his tenure with the 2003/2004 season. The Winnipeg Singers are regularly heard on local and national CBC radio. In July 2005, the choir represented Canada at the 6th Taipei International Choral Festival and at the 7th World Symposium on Choral Music in Kyoto. A Christmas CD, Swingle Bells, was released in 2008. Choral Odyssey, a recording of music by Sid Robinovitch, was released in 2011.

University of the Philippines Medicine Choir
(Manila, Filippine)

Since its founding in the 1980s, the University of the Philippines Medicine Choir has performed in events inside and outside the college, participated in both local and international competitions, and garnered various accolades. The UP MedChoir is also one of the most active medical choirs in Asia, staging two major concerts every year and having produced 6 CD recordings. As a choir composed of medical students, the UP MedChoir stays true to the principle of healing through music. Every year, they hold concerts for the benefit of patients in need. During the Christmas season, the group visits the wards of the Philippine General Hospital to sing Christmas carols for the patients. With a local and international mix of classic and contemporary songs in their repertoire, the UP Medicine Choir sings in order to free the mind, quench the heart, and heal the soul.

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