Participants 2015

Chór dziecięcy OSM I st. im. K.Lipińskiego

Chór  Dziecięcy OSM im. K. Lipińskiego performs the functions of teaching in the Music School  in Lublin every day. The children are from 10 to 14 years old, for whom singing in addition to compulsory education is primarily a great joy and pleasure.
Abundant repertoire of songs, covering a wide cross section of choral music of the twentieth century, allowed to enrich the functions of the choir with concert performances and active participation in competitions and festivals. 
The achievements of the choir in recent years are:
2011   International Choir competition Slovakia Cantat : Golden Band, Winner of category,
            Special  Prize for Excellent Choir Expression
2012   International Children's Choir Competition "Il Garda In Coro" Malcesine - Verona:
           3rd Prize  -   Secular Music Program
           3rd Prize  -  Sacred Music Program
2013   International Choral Festival "Young Prague" : Golden Level
            Special Award for the Best Dramaturgy
2013   Nationwide Choral Competition "Warsaw Choral Spring":   Gold Diploma
2014   4th International Children's Choir Competition  " Il Garda In Coro"  Malcesine  - Verona
            1st Prize –   Secular Music Program
            1st Prize-     Sacred Music Program
Choir's conductor is Renata  Kołodyńska - Pyda, teacher  in Karol Lipiński School , who has been working with choir since year 2000.  Piano accompanist, constantly working with the choir, is Bożena Bechta-Krzemińska

Far Eastern Baroque Ensemble

The Far Eastern Baroque Ensemble is formed by the Korean soprano Hyungju Seo, the Korean tenor Hongsik Yoon and Chinese keyboardist Xiaoran Bu. The group was formed as part of the courses for interpretation of Baroque music at the Conservatory Pucciniof La Spezia.
The three performers have an intense concert activity busy, born from their experience of study in Italy, and performed in several Italian cities such as Savona, Florence, La Spezia,Massa etc. In theaters, festivals and national and international exhibitions.
Recently they participated in the European Project VetMusicPro in Cluj, Romania, performing Mozart's Requiem.
The three performers are also active in the traditional musical repertoire of their countries of origin and are committed to create, through their cooperation, a cultural bridge between East and West.

Light Gospel Choir

Light Gospel Choir started its activity in 2008 as training choir for 'Athenaeum Musicale Fiorentino' and it is now composed by 35 singers forming three sections: 'soprano' , 'contralto' and 'tenore'
The Choir since its beginning has been perfoming live frequently including important community events in their home town Florence such as 2010's "Girotondo" for Meyer Hospital in Palacongressi, 2012's concert for Auser at 'Teatro Puccini' and in Lucca at "Sensoria" at  Palazzo Ducale.
Since 2012 and for the following two years the Choir has been the main attraction for the  Christmas concert produced by "A.T.T. Associazione Toscana Tumore" (Cancer Trust Tuscany) held in St. James Church in Florence.
In February 2013 Light Gospel Choir has been chosen by the U.S. Consulate General Florence to perform during the celebration of the 'Black History Month' for the 50th anniversary of the "March on  Washington"
In 2013 celebrates the 80th anniversary of "Misericordia del Galluzzo" performing at 'Certosa di Firenze' and sings for  "Premio Telethon" in 'Salone dei 500' for the Mayor of Florence. In December 2013 sings for the association "MEDU – Medici per i Diritti Umani" at the 'Teatro Odeon' in Florence.

Settimino del Conservatorio Puccini di La Spezia

The group was formed within the classes of Chamber Music and Ensembles of the Puccini Conservatory of La Spezia and is composed of some of the best students of the institution: each member in fact, although young, already has an intense concert experience in chamber ensembles and orchestras. In particular, the group has performed in two concerts together with the first parts of the strings of the Orchestra of the Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova.

Stockholms Musikgymnasium Youth Choir 2015

The different choirs of Stockholms Musikgymnasium (Upper Secondary School of Music) plays a prominent part in the musical life of Stockholm and are involved in projects with production company "Rikskonserter" and the Swedish Radio. They have held concerts at Stockholm´s tri-annual New Music Festival.
International contacts have resulted in concert tours to among other places Italy, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Finland, Estonia, China and South Africa.
From its start in 1959, the Stockholm´s Musikgymnasium was an integrated part of the music classes of the Adolf Fredrik School for many years. In 1984, however, the Stockholm´s Musikgymnasium music classes was relocated to the since then beautifully renovated jugend style school of 1902 at Kungsholmen in Stockholm.
This group started their education in August 2012 and consists of one Nature science class. They have choral singing together three times a week and graduate in June this year. Helene Stureborg has been their conductor and vocal coach. They have performed in several concerts together during their years at The Stockholms Musikgymnasium. On their repertoire they have Fauré Requiem, some minor works for choir and orchestra and several works a cappella by contemporary composers.