Participants 2017

Academy Singers (Italia)

Conductor Gianni Mini

The choir ACADEMY SINGERS, born in September 2010 at the Music Academy of Florence faces a repertoire ranging from Gospel to the Musical to the most famous pieces of pop music with the aim to deepen the technical study of voice, style and interpretation. The choir performs both in institutional opportunities in the city of Florence, both in cultural events and charities. It is directed by Gianni Mini, a singer with extensive experience both in the musical (he played solo roles in prestigious shows, from "West Side Story" to "Porgy and Bess", to "Chicago") and in choral conducting. Graduated in violin and lyric singing, Gianni Mini is also founder and conductor of the choir "The Pilgrims Gospel", with which he makes, throughout Italy, shows that tell the history of Afro-American music, and the passage from the Gospel to the Spiritual and to the contamination with other music genres. He also directs the ensemble of baroque music "Il Capriccio Armonico". In the lyrical field ha has been collaborating since 2001 with the Choir Ruggero Maghini for symphonic RAI productions in Turin, directed by great maestroes such as Jeffry Tate, G. Albrecht, Rafael Fruhbek de Burgos. He also sings in the choir of the Teatro Comunale in Modena, in Athestis Choir directed by maestro Filippo Maria Bressan, with the early music ensemble I Cantori di Lorenzo, in the chamber choir Ricercare Ensemble, in collaboration with the Chamber Orchestra of Mantua. Under the direction of Maestro Federico Maria Sardelli he has sung as a soloist with the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina and plays solo tenor roles in numerous operas and oratorios. He currently teaches vocal technique, choir singing and interpretation of Musicals at the Music Academy of Florence.

Alon Choir (Israel)

Conductor Simon Levtov

Alon Choir ,Ramat-Hasharon was founded in 1955 as part of the music department at the Alon High School of Arts and Science in Ramat-Hasharon ISRAEL, conducted by Simon Levtov.The choir comprises of students of high school age ,musicians and singers of classical music,jazz,pop and rock.The Choir performs in Israel and abroad.It performed with Jerusalem and Rishon Symphony Orchestras ,participated in Interkoltur and Meeting Music international Choir festivals and on February 2017 participated with an Astonia Choir and Rishon Symphony Orchestra in the performance of Beethoven 7th symphony conducted by Andres Mustonen.

Mixed Youth Choir of II. gimnazija Maribor (Slovenia)

Conductor Viljem Babič

The mixed youth choir of the II. gimnazija Maribor has a long-standing tradition of more than 50 years. Having been founded in 1960, the founder and the original choirmaster for the first ten years was Joža Ambrož. She was succeeded by Tone Žuraj, Valerija Nemec and Viljem Babič, who has been the choirmaster since 2005. Over the years, the number of participants in the choir varied, yet the choir never failed to inspire its audiences with traditional Slovenian folk and foreign songs. Currently, the choir consists of 47 singers who are attending different secondary schools in the city of Maribor. Amongst the choir's better known achievements are its cooperation with St. Stanislaus' Institute, a grammar school in Ljubljana, best-rated performance at a Maribor regional youth choir competition, a golden medal and the winner of the category of mixed youth choir at Young Prague 2015, Slovakia Cantat 2016, and its solo concerts, such as Gloria, Pozdrav pomladi, Viva la musica, Celebramus, Brez besed, Nad mestom se dani, and others.

Kontra – Bat (Israel)

Conductor Rami Bar – David

The Ensemble has been a part of the Ramat-Hasharon Conservatory-School of Music since 1992. Musical director, music arrangement and piano accompaniment – Rami Bar-David. Kontra-Bat includes 17 female singers, ages 16-18, that perform with piano accompaniment. The Ensemble's repertoire includes Jazz standards and unique Jazz oriented interpretations of pop songs and world music. Kontra-Bat has appeared in respected venues throughout the world, among them Intrnational festivals and competitions in Israel, China and France, Italy and Budapest . In 2015 the Ensemble won the first price in jazz category at the Meeting Music competition in BUDAPEST In 2011 the Ensemble won second place and a Gold Diploma in the jazz category at the Interkultur In 2014 Kontra Bat had been recorded broadcasted by the Israeli Broadcasting Authority in live performance of it's fool program (75min). Ensemble former singers have become professional singers, among them 2011and 2016 French Grammy award winner Yael Naim (Best Female Singer of the year) who has gone on to gain international success.

Coro Manos Blancas (Italia)

Conductors Viviana Apicella, Paolo Mauceri

Coro Manos Blancas from Sesto Fiorentino is the result of a project, arrived in Italy in 2010, and landed for the first time in Tuscany in 2014 precisely in Sesto, on the basis of a proven experience starting from Venezuela that aims to make music one means of integration and growth , being in the center of an educational model able to opose to marginalization and overcome the disability limits. In Sesto Fiorentino Coro Manos Blancas involves the children's Choir of the Music School of Sesto and a group of children and young people with disabilities who take part thanks to the Felicittà socialization centers and Camporella of the North West Health Company, supported by the Coala association. It is directed by the teachers Viviana Apicella, Paolo Mauceri and Susanna Natoli.

Coro della Scuola Pescetti di Sesto Fiorentino (Italia)

Conductor Viviana Apicella

Choirs "PESCETTI" and "ViviLeVoci" are both projects founded and directed by Professor Viviana Apicella who is Professor of Music in Secondary School Pescetti in The first is a school choir which started its activities in October 2016, and it is therefore at its beginnings; the second is a children's choir that has to its credit experiences in theater (the production of numerous operas which provide the chorus, as Turandot, Tosca, The Magic Flute, Carmen, La Boheme, and a lot of other experiences in the theater) and joining the first choir, much younger and inexperienced, will give confidence and security to group. A union already experienced at Christmas 2016, and it has obtained good results

The Pilgrims Gospel (Italia)

Conductor Gianni Mini

Born in 1997 on the initiative of the teacher Gianni Mini who is still conducting the choir, "The Pilgrims Gospel" is made up of singers and musicians from formative experiences of various kinds (classical, jazz, pop) with a repertoire of mainly spirituals and gospel inspiration, also with songs of pop and rock music. It has participated in various events and national and international festivals such as the "Gospel Night" in Bologna, the "Torrita Blues" in Torrita of Siena, the Narni Jazz Festival, the Estate Fiesolana, the "Gospel Festival" of Lucca, Legnago ( vr), Varese, "The Cinema, Theatre and Television National Festival," of Villa Basilica, the Chianti Festival, the "Radioliberafestival" in Santa Croce sull'Arno, the "Chianti Festival" in Castelnuovo Berardenga. It has made numerous participations in important events such as Telethon and collaborations with public administrations for cultural events as well as for charitable initiatives, obtaining success all over the national and cross-border territory. The choir "The Pilgrims" has got to be known also thanks to the radio and television appearances on Rai, Mediaset and on national and regional private television. A lot of news reports were devoted to this reality of the Italian scene gospel. It participated in the prestigious T.I.M. (International Music Competition) in competition with excellent choirs from all over Europe. The choir has collaborated with the great voices of the international music such as various events organized together with the American artist Cheryl Porter and specialized concerts and camp organized with "The Swingle Singers". It collaborates with artists such as Sherrita Duran, Jennifer Vargas and has shared the stage with Rick Estrin in the Torrita Blues.