Auditorium Sant'Apollonia

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The church dates back to 1529 and was consecrated in 1535. The choir was finished in 1554. The church portal was initially attributed to Michelangelo, seems instead to John Dosio, a pupil of Michelangelo, but Vasari recalls that there is still a relationship between Michelangelo and the church because his nephew had become a nun in this monastery. The portal has two columns in Tuscan stye and it opens on the only nave of the church; The nave ends with a square apse with vaulted frescoed and has an elevated transept. In the 16th Century the ceiling was adorned with coffered gilded, presenting the symbols of the holy martyr tongs and the flowering branch. Even the ceiling was attributed to Michelangelo. The choir from which the nuns in the religious services has elegant columns that supported the vaulted ceiling. The frescoes of the dome were made from Poccetti (Bernadino Barbatelli), with representations of the Virgin and saints. The two side altars presented the Holy Trinity of Pier Dandini and a Crucifix of Baccio da Montelupo. From the apse side doors it leads to two vestries. To the right you could reach in a restricted environment where nuns received the Eucharist through a small opening.

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